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Teisho; It is difficult to translate this word adequately into English, and various English attempts have been made
—"sermon," "lecture," and so forth—with greater and lesser success. Teisho is really a demonstration of Zen, usually—but
not always—offered in the format of a talk. At HVZC, teisho is offered daily during regular sesshin, and occasionally outside of sesshin
when Mitra-roshi is in residence here. If you would like to order a CD please download the CD Order Form.

Please check back here often because many more will be added. Download the list as PDF document here.

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Chanting CD

Chanting conducted during sesshin morning and afternoon with an introduction by Mitra Bishop, Roshi

C-1__Chanting CD

Metta Meditation CDs.  Please note that these are NOT teishos.  They are guided Loving Kindness meditation.

M-1__Metta Meditation #1 (5 levels)

M-1__Metta Meditation #2 (6 levels)

M-1__Metta Meditation #3

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