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Zazen Schedule & Calendar

Non-members experienced in Rinzai Zen may come to a few sittings without becoming members.
For those who wish to continue sitting with us, membership is appropriate.

For those not experienced with Rinzai Zen, Introduction to Zen Meditation classes are held
the first Saturday of every month. Also, twice a year Roshi gives a workshop on Rinzai Zen.

All-day Sittings

Please let us know by Thursday morning if you will be here for meals or (if you are a member) wish to stay over night. You are welcome to come for any block of zazen without prior notice. For details, please call ahead or check our Facebook page.

Zazen Information:
Zazen consists of two pairs of formal, 25-minute periods of meditation interspersed with 7-10 minutes kinhin (walking meditation).

Note: When the main Zendo is in use by other groups (TTZC, etc), HVZC sittings are held in the Kannon-do